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About PortrayArt

PortrayArt is an online art service for ordering your portraits by sending your passport sized images. We will send hand drawn portrait physical frames by next 15 working days to anywhere in india after completion of any order. Its optional to select the occation so that our creative team can draw the respective background to the portrait. We will also undertake training by taking online / in-house classes to improve your creative skills.

About siva Prasad

Siva Prasad is a graduated in engineering and also habitual portrait artist for 10 years, Siva Prasad served in IT industry about 9 years in creative fields like e-learning, gaming, Kiosk, web and recently in media domains. His IT journey stared from Globarena pvt ltd -Hyderabad, Mahathi Software - Vishakapatnam, Bharat matrimony - Chennai, Valuelabs - Hyderabad and currently working for YuppTV-Hyderabad.

He is more creative and has passion in drawing from childhood. While studying in GITAM, Vizag he focused more in improving creative skills and drew many art frames with Telugu captions. As he is nature lover, spent most of his free time in Vizag’s beautiful beach i.e.., Rishikonda konda, which helped him to build creative basement. Finally he succeed and awarded by MVVS Murthy, MP, Chairman of GITAM institutions in GITAM’s golden jubilee celebrations.

After graduation, he worked in various creative IT companies which prefer creativity as base skill. After successful journey of 9 yrs in IT industry, he planned to start a service by using his creativity and enthusiasm. He interested not only portrays and also creative frames to greet for various celebrations. Finally Siva Prasad started PORTRAYART.

He prefers mostly Creatacolor products in graphite and charcoal drawings and Pebeo oil colors for oil paintings.